Saturday, June 15, 2013



Here is the latest version of the Form 1 Stress Test model, v.1.1. It’s currently drying after its 10 minute alcohol bath, but hopefully you can see that the model is pretty much all there! The color and texture reminds me a bit of the skin shed by the Xenomorph in the movie Alien. Feels a bit symbolic, like the test is growing more mature. lol

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to post much more about this one possibly till later next week since I’ll be busy with some other things, but when I do, I’ll cover what was done to get the print working better and what tests were changed or modified. Meanwhile, I’ll try and post about some other things that won’t require too much time to write.

In this version of the test, I’ve included a tasty treat that replaces a similar test from the previous version. Can you see it? ^_^)


  1. Great, looking forward to hear what you tweaked to have the model printed with no more errors

  2. Looks great, even those fine meshes one the vertical came out this time. Great work Tj, looking forward to seeing more mind boggling prints : )

  3. TJ I eat my earlier words on KS (no support material needed)with a possible change of orientation additional supports and an inverted pyramid that became an Ice cream cone. Whooooooo this demonstrates that the Form 1's price performance package is bouncing off the stratosphere!

  4. Please share what have you done to make such dramatic results. Very impressive works!

  5. I am very happy to see that the fine mesh printed!

  6. the ​​object -TJ-san is be thrilled me! :D

  7. Don't forget to share with us how you managed to have that print looking better than your 1st try. ;)

    1. Sorry, I know, I'm taking a bit long to get that info out there... ;^_^) I haven't forgotten, just been too busy with work stuff to finish a complete write-up for now.

  8. great work! thank you

    I just ordered a form 1 yesterday -> cant wait :-)